Basketball in Yugoslavia


The country Yugoslavia was created in 1918 after world war 1. This is a map of the west-eastern European country.

on the bottom left is the Yugoslavia basketball team.

Basketball was invented in the year 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by a man called James Naismith. He was at the YMCA and was told to invent a new game to keep the young men occupied. 

This is a basketball clip + Lebron James plays his first game

Rules and positions

In basketball there are five players to a team. In the NBA the games are played in four, twelve minute quarters. In order to score during the game you have to throw the ball in the net and have it go through. The NBA court dimensions are 94 by 50 feet.  

One position in the game is called the center. The tallest player on the team generally plays center because you have to be as tall as possible to get rebounds.


Sometimes the players on the court will break the rules. When they do, they get punished. One type of punishment is a technical fowl. this punishment is used  when the player gets in fights or arguments with other players o officials at the game. A flagrant foul is when a player almost injures or seriously injures another opposing player.  


The only equipment needed for a basketball game is a basketball, a basketball net, and a basketball court. 

Game types

Basketball is played by armatures, high school, NBA , and many types of professional leages. It is a very diverse sport. 


Basketball has changed a lot over the years. Basketball has kept all of its old rules the same but has added in lots of new ones over the years. The original thirteen rules has turned to over one hundred rules. Some major changes have been the number of players, ball dribbling, and court boundaries. 


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Basketball in Yugoslavia

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