Case Overview - Some figures

Founded in Sweden in 1967

Sells beauty products - cosmetics

Present in 60 countries

          8000 employees

          1000 products

          3.6M consultants

Case Overview - Oriflame's Strategy

Oriflame's want to remove retailers from supply chain

Consultants are individuals

Oriflame's provides them with incentives to

Sell various products

Bring new consultants

Strengths and Weaknesses of Oriflame's strategy and business model when competing internationally.



Procter & Gamble



Mary Kay



Market Presence






Build a global brand locally

Communication fine-tuned with a specific target group in mind

Emphasizing what is important in a specific market

Price is adapted to the different market 


Consistency in brand image

Diversity of different products to answer the needs of more markets

Knowledge of different cultures and rituals that enhances product adaptability


Products are developed quickly and are regularly discontinued

Offering different prices in different markets might encourage arbitrage

Competitors have similar strategies

Financial Position

Business Model

Direct selling 

Eliminate retailers from the distribution chain

Having consultants as part of the sales force of

3.6 million consultants


Oriflame has high quality products with affordable prices.

It's a brand name that's been there for 43 years

Consultants are involved in sales – obtain products easily

Catalogue is published every 3 weekes with 40 different languages

Oriflame has very flexible delivery and payment methods.

Entering e-marketing field


Lack of promotions through mass media and only depending on individual sponsors.

Variety of cosmetic brands launching every day.

The catalogue is time consuming (1 YEAR)

Introduction of the App - Overview

In 2011, Oriflame launched 2 iPad apps

In EMEA region

To make the latest catalogue always available

Prospects can instantly register to become consultants

       Getting Started: to register and learn

       Business App: get the figures and the news

Is the Introduction of the App a Major Step Forward?


Ambition to build a “global brand”, with local values

Maintain a strong brand identity on a global scale : digital presence

Possibility to gain new customers globally

The Order Pad lets consultants collect orders from other customers

--> Designed for Consultants at all career levels.


Database of all products offered in the current Catalogue

Product availability check

Countdown to the next Catalogue period

Offline support

Fully synchronized with online basket

Easy Customer management

A new way to work 

Do you want to look and feel great?

 Do you want to earn more money? 

Do you want more time to spend with family and friends? Do you dream of travelling the world? 

The Oriflame opportunity puts your dream lifestyle within reach.

Getting Started is the most important training for a successful start in Oriflame. It is essential for continuous success and working towards fulfilling your dreams. 

Despite the crisis : big opportunities (one-third of the direct global sales)

this app provides powerful tools to analyze a lot of data while helping to answer important questions, to improve decisions and execution processes.

Characteristics :

- Follow the activity of your Personal Group

- Boost the performance of your downline

- Countdown to the next catalog

- Check all your network

- Contact any consultant in your network from your telephone, with a favorable tariff

-making the catalog global : big step forward to discover new markets 

- help to avoid market problems (authorities etc)

-opportunity to become a leader of opinion in this market

-improving the consumer experience

-available everywhere in any language

-the buying process is easier : opportunity of more sales

Is the Introduction of the App a Major Step Forward?

And... not really...

Only available on iPads

Not all consultants have one

The 2011 apps don't exist anymore

Two new apps were launched in 2015

Available on iPhones & iPads

Both of them are required

It's only a catalogue

They aren't selling online

The Website would do the job

No reviews on the appStore...


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