Humans and the Environment

Seth Lail 

Chernobyl Disaster

Chernobyl Disaster

Chernoboyl Disaster

 -Chernobyl accident happened in 1986 with the fault of the reactor design witch happens with inadequately trained personal.

-The resulting explosion and fire released at less 5% of radioactive reactor core into the air.

-Two Chernobyl workers died instantly to the radiation 

-28 more died in the fallowing 2 weeks 

-People are know aloud to go to the sight and it is now a tourist attraction  

Agriculture Terracing

Terracing map

Agriculture Terracing

-Agricultural terracing happens in southeast china

-This is method of growing crops on the side of a hill or mountain on the slope.

-Though  labor intensive the method has been used to maximize arable land.

-This method has reduced erosion also water loss

-This has been practiced in china, Japan, also Philippians



Deforestation video


-Deforestation is the cleaning of the earths surface.

-Damage to the quality of the land

-30% of the world is woods

-Farmers cut trees to help the crops

-Humans are not the only who calls deforestation wild fires can also cause it to happen.

-Tree plantation are growing rapidly in the last few years 

The Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire video

The Ring of Fire

-A string of volcanoes along the pacific ocean

-Most earthquakes happens around the Ring of Fire

-Roughly 90%

-This ring is shaped like a horseshoe

-452 volcanoes string along here

-These volcanoes have destroyed nearly 500 citys

Hurricane Matthew flooding  

Flood map

Hurricane Matthew flooding  

-Was planed to rain 15 feet

-surge in some areas can be up to 11 feet

-Many people evacuated but some stayed to watch how the city would hold up

-it was a category 4 hurricane

-269 people died

-264 of them died in Haiti

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Human and Environment

by sethlail


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