Our Trip to Mars

By: Allison Geise

Why Mars?

1. Mars is an acceptable distance from earth 

2. They belive the gravity levels will be easy to adjust to 

3. There is enough sunlight to power solar panels 

How will we get to mars?

A trip to Mars already takes about 180 days. NASA was asked how do they plan on getting more people to Mars and they are working on a chemical engine or a nuclear thermal rocket

What to do once there?

The first group sent to mars would have to colonize the planet first to make it habitable. That means doing some construction like setting up solar panels and green houses and such.

How to survive/return?

Once on Mars the astronauts would have to make it habitable enough to live there because there is only a slight chance they'd be able to return since the resources to return back to earth would of been too much to take with them.

Hypothetically if we could return

If there  was a chance we could return from mars, years and years of planning would be before it.


1. http://www.nasa.gov/content/nasas-journey-to-mars

2. http://www.space.com/24268-manned-mars-mission-nasa-feasibility.html

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