Tornado's In Kansas.


Why there are so many tornadoes in Kansas?

Kansas has many tornadoes because of the unique geography of North America. The gulf of mexico to the south of the Rocky Mountains to the west. That provides the key location and best weather patterns for tornadoes to happen.

What are tornadoes made of?

A tornado is a violent column of air that extends from the base of a thunder storm. Once the tornado touches down dirt and other natural resources  are sucked in.

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Map Where Tornadoes Did The Most Damage In The US

Tornado Siren


What Makes A Tsunami?

A tsunami is a large wave that happens when there is sudden movement on the ocean floor.

What Kind Of Damage Can A Tsunami Cause?

A Tsunami can cause the spread of diseases such as malaria. They have an impact on the natural resources of that area. They kill sea animals and land animals and the pull up roots of trees.

Areas Effected By Bad Tsunami


What is desertification?

Desertification is when grass or other plants are removed and the sand blows and a desert takes over or the desert expands.

Explaining Desertification.

How do humans impact Desertification?

Some times it is the lack of vegetation and the sand can move freely. Farmers/Humans are not able to grow crops because of what the weather is like, rainy or droughts. When desertification happens humans have to move to places that the population grows at and the food rate needs to be more.


What are polders and where are they used?

Polders are used in low lands, such as the Netherlands. Polders are used when a country is lower than sea level so they use windmills to pump water away from land. The land is made into a hill on the sides. The polder is the land.

Agricultural Terracing

What is Agricultural Terracing?

Agricultural terracing is when you make step like things on the side of a mountain so that the crops you are growing does now fall off. 

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