The Art of Biology 

Salma Nour

         Art and Science are only different expressions of a single underlying tone.

What is Bio Art?

  • Bio Art is art that uses living and semi-living materials in its making. 
  • It is a practice which uses living forms as materials, a merging of science and art expressed through the medium of biotechnology.

Bio Artists

Marta De Menez

 "I have created live butterflies where their wing patterns were modified for artistic purposes"

Eduardo Kac

A genetically engineered flower that is a hybrid of Kac and the Petunia flower.

 A bunny that glows green under blue light. Kac’s art is based on the creation of new biological life. 


Stelarc is known for going to extremes, from voluntary surgeries and implementing  body parts to flesh-hook suspensions.


  • A form of expression and art
  • Helps to visualize better the science world


How are bioartists any different from scientists?

The answer is that they are not.

Fluorescent green glow in the dark mice

Einstein once said that logic alone is insufficient to solve complex problems, and that imagination was more important to a scientist than knowledge itself

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Bio Art

by schafi


Public - 5/10/16, 7:07 AM