Basketball in Spain

The sport was originate in December 1891 in Springfield.  There are 5 players on the court at a time for each team.  The scoring occurs when one team has the ball and you shoot the ball at your basket and it goes into the net.  


There is an NYC basketball league.  

NBA is another league.

Rules of the game

The rules are pretty much the same.  You have to dribble,pass,every shot is 2 points unless foul shot or three pointer.  The girls normally play halves and boys usually play quarters.  

The dimension of the court 

The length of the court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide.


The equipment you need is a basketball,basketball socks,sneakers,shorts.

Fouls or penalties 

When someone fouls during the game the other team gets 1 or 2 shots each basket equals one point and nobody is guarding you.  So its easier to make the basket.  Also theirs a line that every foul shot is made at also if you get five fouls you can't play the rest of the game.


How the sport basketball has changed over the years.

Instead of basketball nets they used to have baskets and so every time someone shot and scored people had to go up and get the basketball out of it.  Now we have nets and when someone shoots it comes down with out having to get it every single time a basket is made.


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Map/League Feminina In Spain

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