Humans and the Environment-Making an impact.

The Chernobyl Disaster

How humans affected Cherynobyl

Humans affected Chernobyl by a nuclear power plant explosion.This explosion happened when the scientists in the plant were running an experiment on trying to cool the core in result the system failed and the reactor exploded. This caused nuclear waste and is going to have the environment ruined   for over 30,000 years. 


How humans have affected Deforestation

Deforestation is the process of trees and natural resources being chopped down by humans.This is happening because humans are destroying the environment to make products like houses, clearing spaces for malls, and etc.


How humans have affected Desertification

Desertification is affected by humans because of multiple reasons.Number 1 is because of Deforestation this is causing the land to dry up.All of that happened because humans cut down trees.Number 2 is drought because it doesn't get enough rain. Number 3 bad agriculturaling techniques by humans for example in a hot place not giving enough water.

Hurricane Sandy

Environmental impact on humans

Hurricane sandy destroyed thousands of houses.Also ''Sandy'' costed billions of dollars in damage to the American east coast. ''Sandy'' was one of the most devastating hurricanes ever.

Tri stateTornado 

How the Tri State Tornado effected humans

This tornado was the most deadly tornado in U.S history.This tornado took peoples house from the ground and droped them somewhere else.This incident was the longest tornado ever recorded in the whole world.This tornado also cost millions of dollars to fix the damage done to peoples houses.

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