2017 Softball Season

Winterboro Softball Philosophy

Welcome to the Winterboro High School Girls’ Softball Program. In the following slides, you will find the philosophy and goals that will help continue to build upon the past successes of the program as well as serving to maintain a positive, winning atmosphere both on and off the softball diamond.

Team Goals


  • To participate in practice and games with desire and intensity;
  • To help each other become as physically skilled as possible;
  • To improve the team statistics from last season;
  • To mature as young women, by realizing that learning to deal with adversity is sometimes the best way to go;
  • To openly discuss team and personal concerns when they arise, in order to resolve conflicts before they become problems.

Priority Scheduling

If we are able to attain any of the goals which we have set for ourselves, it is important that each athlete is willing to commit herself to the following priority schedule:

-Essential family and religious commitments (vacation not included)

-Academic progress and responsibilities (classwork, mandatory school-sponsored functions)


-Any out-of-season sports or other outside activities (i.e. work, vacations, leisure activities)

Practice Times

-Practice time are variant due to weather and the amount of daylight.

- Practices will start at 3:15 and will conclude around 4:30 until the days get longer.

-I TRY to let them out as close to that time as possible. I have a family to get home to and I know you do as well. Your time with your kids is valuable to me.

-My child needs his parents as well as your kids, so I try to get them out on time.


Practice Attendance

You are expected to attend all practices and games unless you are ill, academically ineligible, or have been previously excused by your coaches. Athletes are expected to bring a note for any absence or anticipated family commitment. Failure to follow this procedure will result in the “coaches option penalty”.


-Take away playing time

- etc.

Communication is EXTREMELY important and expected.


You are a select athlete and will be expected to perform as one. This means that when you come to practice, or to a game, you should bring an attitude that is conductive to the progress of the team. You must try to leave behind you all the frustration of the day, or anything else that will detract you from your performance on the field. We, as a coaching staff, will maintain a positive attitude toward you. There will be times when you will be confronted with mistakes you have made. We ask that you use this constructive feedback as it is intended.

Dressing for Practice

Unless it is raining or extremely cold, we will go outside to practice, therefore, you need to come prepared. Please have proper clothing for both indoor and outdoor practices. Proper outdoor attire is softball pants with socks.If you don't have that ask some of your teammates they have extra. Shirts/ hoodie are acceptable. I prefer Winterboro attire. That shows pride in your school and also your teammates. However, do not wear a shirt or jacket from another school. You represent Winterboro.


Playing Time

Playing time is non-negotiable. Coaches are responsible for the determination of playing time based on what is witnessed on a daily basis in practice. Playing ability is not the only variable in the decision of playing time. In addition to playing ability, coaches will focus on coachability, punctuality, team chemistry, effort, motivation, attitude, and overall desire to make the team better in the decision of who will receive playing time. We will strive to field the best team possible to achieve our team goals.

Playing Time Cont.

As coaches, we do not discuss playing time with parents. I will tell you the ways that you daughter can improve so that she may get more playing time. Each player is given ample opportunity to gain playing time and improve before the season starts and during the season. 

Spirit Pack

-The cost of the spirit pack is $250.

-This will include jerseys (home and away), warm ups (hoodie and pants), socks, and belt.

Spirit pack cont.

Other things money goes too.

  1. Umpires ($200 a game)
  2. Bus drivers cost $125 a trip
  3. Mileage for buses (70 cents a mile)
  4. Tourneys (County and Area)
  5. Field maintenance

Fundraising Ideas/ Ways parents can get involved

1.Alumni Tourney/ Women's Tourney

2.Sell signs for the fence.

3. Zaxby's Night

4. Car washes???

Any other ideas???

Would any of you like to help with that stuff? All proceeds go in to our Softball Fund.

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