Michelle Costello

Milne Library

SUNY Geneseo

Education and Instructional Design Librarian

What do I teach?

My Teaching Philosophy

I consider myself to be a social constructivist and believe that knowledge is actively constructed by the learner and intermixed with his or her prior knowledge and experience.  I also believe that we learn best when we have a chance to share what we are learning with others and receive feedback.

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How do I teach?

I employ active learning techniques in my teaching. I give students opportunities for sharing, collaborating, and connecting through experiences. I like to pair this with self-reflective opportunities; as it is beneficial to the learning process to have time to reflect on what we are learning.

Students learn best by becoming involved. I believe in involving students in doing things and thinking about the things they are doing.

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Why am I interested in Instructional Design?

I am interested in Instructional Design because it can provide a helpful structure or frame for the creation and implementation of sound instructional strategies.

Instructional Design can serve as a framework for re-designing lessons that integrate active learning techniques.

If you take the time to think critically about how you are designing and developing your instruction you have a much better chance of meeting your students' needs and increasing their learning.

Why am I involved in this course?

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

-- Walt Disney

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Michelle Costello

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