Curling in Denmark

Curling was created in 1540 in Denmark

leages for curling

The types of leagues are professional and international competition.

sport changes 

They used to use real stones and now they use real pieces of metal that role across the ice.


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General Rules of the Sport

Curling is a sport when two teams of four players. The teams alternate throws towards the circular target. There haft to be more stones closer the the circle after 16 stones are throne.

Players involved in game

There are two teams with four players on each team.

Length of curling 

The length of a curling game is 15 minutes.


The way the scoring occurs in games is the person that has the most stones closest to the to the blue circle gets a point.  

The field dimensions of a curling feild is 146ft.

A strategy for curling is to Force the opponent to play draws around guards.

The equiptment needed for curling is a broom,shoes and a rock.

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