East Coast Expansion for Chip & Joanna Gaines and the Magnolia Brand

The Current Situation & PR Need

  • Leverage success from Fixer Upper 
  • Building Magnolia brand
  • Huge social media following


  • Show and storefront exclusively in Waco, TX
  • East Coast fans isolated


  • Create opportunities for East Coast fans to directly engage with the Gaines and Magnolia brand
  • Increase traffic to the Magnolia website by 20% over 5 months
  • Increase viewership for season 5 of Fixer Upper
  • Increase profits from the sale of Magnolia Market merchandise by 10% during the campaign

East Coast Target Audiences

  • Fixer Upper Fanatics
    • Already fans of the Gaines or Fixer Upper
    • Primarily women, ages 20-60
    • Interested in brand experience
  • Family Fans
    • Older women who have their own families
    • Identify with Gaines because of their family values
  • Chip's Men
    • Male fans who identify with Chip
    • Need to be convinced that Magnolia is a brand for them
  • Future Fans
  • Members of the Media

Key Messages

  • Chip and Joanna care about their fans

  • The Gaines will travel to give fans the Magnolia experience

  • The Gaines are friendly, kind, hard-working, down-to-earth people; people you'd want to be friends with

  • The Magnolia brand is growing and is valuable to follow


Utilize branded events, contests, and shopping experiences to allow the Gaines to interact with their fans, sell their products, increase their recognition, and physically bring their brand to an area they haven’t directly touched yet.


  • Interactive Brand Experience
    • "Magnolia On The Move"

  • Magnolia Market Pop-Up Shops

  • Fixer Upper Event
    • Preview of Season 5 Premiere

"Magnolia On The Move" Events

Interactive brand event in Boston, NYC, D.C., and Atlanta. Occurs in November prior to holidays.

  • Opening Keynote/Welcome by Chip & Joanna
  • Children's Crafts and Games
  • Joanna's Tips & Tricks
    • Interior Design
    • Gardening
    • Holiday Decor
  • Chip's Corner
  • Magnolia Market Pop-Up
  • Silos Baking Co.

Magnolia Market Pop-Up Shops

  • Launch coincides with “Magnolia On The Move”
  • Offer select products from Magnolia Market for purchase
  • Increase sales, awareness of the brand, and convert fans into actual customers

Fixer Upper Season 5 Preview

  • In NYC the night before "Magnolia On The Move"
  • Welcome by Chip & Joanna
  • Screen premiere of season 5 of Fixer Upper in advance
  • Q&A following the screening 
    • In-person questions
    • Twitter questions (#AskTheGaines)


  • October 2017
    • Media outreach
    • Invitations

  • November 2017
    • "Magnolia On The Move" events
      • Boston: 11/4/17
      • NYC: 11/11/17
      • DC: 11/17/17
      • Atlanta: 11/18/17
    • 11/10/17: Fixer Upper Preview event
    • "Meet Us At Magnolia" contest 

  • November-December 2017
    • 11/4-12/22: Pop-up shops are launched and closed

  • April 2018
    • Evaluate impact of campaign 
    • Measure viewership
    • Website/social media traffic
    • Number of subscribers
    • Magnolia Market Sales
    • Demographics

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