Skeleton In Great Britain


This sport originated in St. Moritz Switzerland. In 1882 Skeleton was made to be a spin off from Cresta sledding (a similar sport)

How The Sport Is Played

This is a single sport where the athlete jumps on a small sled face fist and slides down a frozen track.

The track is 0.79 mile long and it has 12 turns.

The athlete runs 50 meters then jumps on to the sled head first, their chin just above the ice.They steer by shifting their body weight.


The athletes need gloves,helmet, racing suit,running spikes,and also the sled or skeleton bobsled.


The sport skeleton is preformed by programs/teams in Great Britain such as Olympics,Team Bath,and also BBSA Team

Modifications Over Time

This sport in Great Britain  used to be male only. They also used to use a simple sled and raced on an ice covered  road not a track.


The athlete takes four runs and then the judges add all the runs up and then rank the athletes.


If the athlete does not cross the finish line with their sled the run does not count. If they are not in a stomach (prone) position they get disqualified.


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