where the sport originated?

Rugby started with England and Scotland in 1876

  How does scoring occur?

rugby scoring is done four different ways 

1. try

2.conversion kick

3.penalty kick

4. dropped goal


what is the field dimensions of play for the sport?

Rugby league is played on a field that is about 112- 122 by 68 meters  

what is the basic strategy tactics of the game

basic strategy is to shift defenders around to create mismatches and gaps in the defensive line. use back moves , ruck moves, row moves. play from penalties to break down defences.  

How its played?

Made up of two teams with 15 players. Each team can pass or

kick the ball to the end zone. Score as many points as possible. 

what is the length of the game?

 Games are divided into 40 minute halves with a break in the middle.

what are the major penalties /fouls of the game

 A rugby penalty may be awarded if the rules are broken. A referee will blow the whistle to stop play and mark the ground where play is to be restarted. may be restarted with, free kick or penalty kick.   

what type equipment do you use?

 Light weight jersey body pads for shoulders and chest head protection mouth guard rugby boots rugby ball which is oval. 

what type of leagues exist

Rugby league and unions.   Rugby world cup.

How was sport changed


 Rugby  of 1800 was focused on kicking rather than modern aim of scoring old rules allowed kicking which is now banned and replaced with shoulder tackles.

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