American Anti-Slavery Society


  • In 1833 the American anti- Slavery was founded by Devin Derry and Arthur Tappan, Frederick Douglass was an escaped slave and was the key leader of this society because he spoke in meetings. At least 60 other abolitionists (That support Slavery) went to Philadelphia.
  • They based their opposition to slavery both on equality as stated in the Declaration of Independence.
  • They understood/knew that slavery was a huge, horrible and harmful sin to do.
  • They included a few African Americans but women from both races were removed from the group.
  • The American Anti-Slavery was finally dissolved in 1870, after the Civil War and Emancipation.

Frederick Douglass 

  •  Escaped slavery.
  • Was an Abolitionists, who was against slavery and tried to get ride of it.
  • Was the key leader of the American Anti- Slavery Society group. Spoke in meetings about his life of being a slave and telling people that slavery isn't right/good, along with other abolitionists by his side.
  • He tried so hard to get slaves, men and women freedom.

About the American Anti-Slavery Meetings

  • The public meetings were more successful when Frederick Douglass and William Wells Brown.
  • The anti-slavery activities recently met with violent public, which expressed their feelings with mobs, 
  •  invading meetings, attacking speakers, and burning presses. 
  • In 1839 the group of men split into two groups, one branch followed Garrison. Garrison was against the Constitution because he thought it was wrong and he also joined ranks with women’s rights efforts. They denounced the U.S. Constitution as supportive of slavery and insisted on sharing organizational responsibility with women.
  • The other branch was lead by Louis Tappen. He formed the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society and supported moral suasion.

Slavery, slave codes and spiritual songs/culture

  • Slaves were treated like property and not people, and slaves had to live i old, crowded and dirt floors.
  • Slave owners cannot teach them how to read and write. They weren't allowed either because if they did know , slaves could read maps and pass around notes.
  • Slaves can't stand up for one another because they could get whipped or seriously hurt.
  • Slaves wrote/sang songs for god to listen their prayers and the songs and stories (Folk-tales) it gave them hope for freedom.

That was my American Anti-Slavery Society :) 

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