Exhibition stall designs and fabrication

  • Exhibition is a great platform for any industry to offer direct marketing of their product and brand in the projected market.
  • Exhibitions creates a way to network with industry base and grow client base. 
  • One can create their world in the space allocated for optimum utilization of resources and maximum exposure in the Trade show.

  • They offer great medium to understand your competitions and their offers under single roof, in term assist in developing competitive strategies and execution.
  • Exhibitions creates a B2B or B2C world under one roof enabling an entire market to be present & offer subsequently. 
  • Exhibitions are a powerful platform for launching new products, generating leads, building brand awareness, generate media coverage & retaining existing customers.

Major Exhibitions in India

Major Exhibitions in India

India Wareho

Excon India Exhibition

Heimtextil India Exhibition

CeMAT Exhibition 

CeBIT India Exhibition

Sugar Asia Exhibition

Electronica India Exhibition

Acrex India Exhibition

IREE India Exhibition

Defense Expo 2016

India ITME Exhibition

CeMAT Exhibition Mumbai

India Warehousing Show

Acmee Exhibition

Famdent Show

Major Exhibitions in India

Inter Solar Exhibition

IFAT India Exhibition

IMEX Exhibition

India Gadget Expo

Wastech India Exhibition

IFSEC India Exhibition

IndiaWood Exhibition

ACETECH Exhibition

Palm Expo Mumbai

SolarTech India Exhibition

Annapoorna India Exhibition

Excon India Exhibition

CPHI India


  • Back drops
  • Modular products
  • Portable displays
  • Outdoor displays
  • Counters & kiosks

Some tips to consider while designing your stalls 

1. Ensure optimized space management of the stall considering placement of various materials in the stall, Product Displays, Branding Panels, Brochures, AV Equipments etc.

2. If you are looking for simpler solutions can go for Banner Stand panels for easy setup. However Banner Stands comes in various options, prints etc and selecting one that suits your requirement is most important. We suggest to use Banner Stands based on usability and budget as

  • Standard Rollup Banner Stand
  • Luxury Banner Stand specifically for sophisticated and professional look, in case of higher budget
  • Double Sided Banner Stand for both side print visibility
  • Triple Sided Banner Stand for three side visibility

3.For smaller stall can always for flex framing of walls, however ensure your artworks are powerful.

4. If you are looking for reusable options for hanger banner stand that you can reuse multiple time. However ensure you get in right print quality and get it from right source too.

5.Either you can create a custom display stand for your stalls or ready made available stalls

6. Brochure Stand to distribute brochure and again a reusable option.

7.Can use standard counters provided by organizer, but don’t just use them plain, get your logo printed on desired material and get it pasted. Also there are portable counters available that you can use and take it to other exhibitions too.

8. AV equipments like Plasma is an option you can get on rental, use it only if must as not many people are going to see it in-case of smaller stall. However if there is some demonstration to be offered can always opt for one.

 9.If you can Stretch your budget considering multiple exhibitions you can always go for Pop up Systems available in various forms and again easily set in limited time. Benefit is great graphic effect to pull crowd.

10. There are also modular kits available in the market that are customized to fit your requirement and offers great outlook too. You can always opt for modular kits if required.

There are various options available in the market but most important part is getting a right source. 

Simple Stall design ideas

Creative stall design ideas

Garments stall design ideas

Jewellery stall design ideas

In todays age of digital medias if you dont go digital you loose out on a major chunk of business and brand awareness as well.

  • Website interface is not user friendly.
  • Website lacks a lot of content.
  • Website should have more relevant images.
  • Mobile interface is not user friendly. 
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