A Digital Goodbye

Good Luck, Sarah !! We will miss you.

Tu vas où là... ???

Oh waoouw ! Tu dois etre intelligente toi là.
Comment tu as fait ???

Your digital footprint ?

Your killer CV ?

Or just because you generally pèse  ?!

Mais en fait, tu es beaucoup plus que ton digital footprint, marque personnel (bien curated), et ton CV...

You are also...

A Spoken Word Evangelist

A Professional Networker/People-Connector

Across oceans and continents, sometimes indirectly...

...but, more often than not, directly.

But always extremely thorough and from the bottom of your heart.

Impacting Regional Integration one connection at a time...

But really, we owe a lot to your connecting skills...

Problem-solver Extraordinaire

Through sharing information,

Sharing your brilliant cerveau,

Or literally solving problems

Compulsive Link-sender...

and an AMAZING Friend, who we love and adore

LSE is the first step of your climb to the top...

...and you know what the Top is...

...and London is the perfect city to quench your thirst while constantly challenging your hunger for more information, more connection, and more stimulation.

MORE !!!

Where to "study" (but actually, meet interesting people)

Where to feel at home

Where to eat deliciously on that tight student budget

Where to indulge in Africa-focused intellectual fun things

Where to network with other young professional Africans

Where to eat/chill in a colorful environment, close to home

Where to indulge your bougie side, close to home

Where to look out for Slam, theatre, or music events

Et ne pense pas qu'on te néglige au niveau des rencontres...

Et n'oublie jamais que même de loin...

David sera toujours ton #1 Cheerleader 

et Elsie sera toujours ta #1 Boo boo/bearer of your children

En tout cas, Abidjan va te manquer deh...

Good luck !!

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Au revoir Sarah

by elsiesowah


Public - 8/30/16, 10:29 AM