Beachbody Coach Success Club is a public rewards program provided by the Beachbody company to coaches who reach certain monthly goals set by the company. 

It runs from the beginning of the month, to the end of the month. This promotion is a points based system.


* Earn exclusive leads & commissions from Shakeology, Ultimate Reset, & Challenge Packs clients-this means you earn FREE customers and earn commissions from those customers purchases!

* Participate in monthly Coach incentive and promotions.

* Earn travel opportunities to exotic destinations 

* Be recognized on stage at big Team Beachbody events. 

But, most importantly, remember every month you’re hitting Success Club—is another sign that your business is growing and you are helping more and more people every month. Which means you are helping more people, making more income, & you’re on the road for MORE success. 


You will need two personally sponsored active coaches “50 PV”. One in your left leg and one in your right leg.

Once you do that you are Emerald. You are now able to cycle on team volume and earn $14 per cycle.

How to become a Ruby Coach

Two of your personally sponsored coaches have to gain the Emerald status. 

After becoming a Ruby coach, you will be able to make greater bonuses (a bigger bonus cycle will await you)


You will also be able to earn 5 percent of weekly team cycle bonus amounts that are earned by the personally sponsored active Beachbody coaches under you.

How to become a Diamond Coach

* You have to have 6 added personally sponsored coaches (with an active status). 

*The amount of money coaches with a diamond status earn is more than that of Emerald and Ruby. 

*You will be able to earn 10 percent matching check bonus.

Volume Points

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