The game of tennis Originated in both England and France. tennis in England is known as royal tennis. Royal tennis has been out since 1873. Tennis is played in many different rules. The objective to tennis is to return the ball to the opponent with out them being able to hit it back to you.

How many players are involved in this sport

 In this sport there are two people involved with tennis . There are one to the right and one and one the left side. the game of tennis is in between two hours and 45 minuets long. For the scoring part people usually 10 to 15 points each match.

The dementions of gameplay for tennis are that each side your on is 27 fett long and the hole court is 54 feet long .also when you play you cant  cross the net. 

The basic strategy that you need to play tennis is to be able to 

return the ball to the other side . and to be able to jump and run around fast or quickly. some of the major penalties of the game is that if you cross the net you will be called off as cheating or if  your harass the other opponent.

To play tennis you must have tennis shoes and tennis racket or any other accessories that you see fit. There are college leagues for tennis professional and armature. and there can be Olympic competition. 

The game of tennis changed sine it was invented. They never used to use nets they also never use rackets they used to use there hand to play.


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