God Bless Fiji

Map of Fiji

Fiji's Flag

Basic Information

Continent: Oceana

Capital: Suva

Total land area: 7,056 miles squared

Population: 896,446+

Government information 

Type of government: republic

Title of head of head of the Executive Branch: president and prime minister 

Current president: Jioji Kanousi

Current prime minister: Voreqe Banimaramoma

How did Jioji become President?

Jioji became president by an election. He serves a five-year term and is eligible for a second. He cannot serve a third. After his term there will be no fight for power because they hold a peaceful election. 

How Did Vereqe Become Prime Minister?  

Vereqe became prime minister because the president chose him. The prime minister in Fiji is like the vice president in the U.S. The prime minister is no longer ruling when the president's term is over.

Legislative Branch

Name of Legislative Branch: Unicameral Parliament

Unicameral Parliament is elected

Pass laws: After given a law, they have seven days to pass it

Judicial Branch 

Name of Judicial Branch: Supreme Court

Members are chosen by: President

How Many of the Five Limits Does Fiji's government have?

Fiji's government has 4/5 limits. They have a constitution because they have laws/rules people follow. Fiji also has separation of power because there is a prime minister and the president doesn't make all the laws. They have consent of the governed because citizens elect a president. Lastly, Fiji has rights of the minority because what is considered 'The minority.' 

Current Events

In January, Fiji had a cyclone. This infamous cyclone left 42 dead and many more in the hospital. Fiji is still recovering from the loss of 42 people. Many people were left without homes.

Saudi Arabia

Basic Country Information

Continent: Asia

Capital: Ridyadh

Total land area: 2,149,690 kilometers

Population: 27,752,316


Type of government: Monarchy
Title of the head of the Executive Branch: King

Current leader: Salman bin ABD al-Aziz

How did Salman become King?

Salman became king because the heredity of this monarchy. He will be king until he dies and there will not be a peacful pass of power because if he has any other sons they will want to be king, too.

Legislative Branch

Name of the Legislative Branch: Unicameral Consultative Council

Chosen by: The royal family

Pass laws: Based on Islamic law

Judicial Branch

Name of Judicial Branch: High Court

Chosen by: Royal decree


Saudi Arabia only has one of the five limits: The constitution. It has a constitution because it has laws. It does not have separation of power because one person has all the power. It does not have the consent of the governed because people don't have a choice on who their leader is. It also doesn't have the rule of the law because the King can break the law whenever he wants. Lastly, It doesn't have rights of the minority because the "Minority" doesn't have ant rights.

Current Events

One MAJOR event is that King Salman has decided to stop all oil production in Saudi Arabia. This is very important to their economy because it is one of the major oil producers in the world. This will put millions out of jobs and leave Saudi Arabia needing a new way to make more money.

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Limited and non limited government

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