Kai Phillips-Lustick

Don't Ass u me

A fundamental assumption underlying our discourse about the activities of reading, thinking, and speech is that individuals in our society are guaranteed the freedom to form their thoughts and opinions in privacy, free from intrusive oversight by governmental or private entities.

"Social networks are like Iran. You can say anything you want, but in the morning there will be consequences.” (Suster)

Without anonymity we could all be more accountable like celebrities on Twitter.

Randi Zuckerburg




Anonymous Corrupters of the Internet

They say the children are our future. But if 4chan is any indication of what they have in store for us, we are in for a very rough time indeed.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

wants users to be able to use pseudonyms instead of their real names.

Egyptian uprising and those more vulnerable to online assaults and harassment, and activists during the revolutions in the Arab Spring and those within the LGBT communities benefit.

Criminal Activity

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Public - 4/12/16, 5:51 PM