6 new things to broaden the creative marketing spectrum

Internship at Vivial

  • New branding initiative
  • Digital marketing skills
  • Client facing experience
  • Office environment

Fondue Chocolate Party

  • Learned fondue process
  • Looked at the food people enjoyed the most

-Strawberries, Pretzels, etc.

Helped Kickstart New Website

  • Researched domains and proper WordPress hosting

  • Forced to think about color schemes and how people react to imagery of a site

New Game: Picture Telephone

  • Challenged my creative wheelhouse by drawing pictures w/ little description

  • Had to analyze audience to match pictures w/ original artist

Roost Modern Italian Restaurant

  • Analyzed layout and overall mood set in the restaurant

  • Analyzed people in the restaurant and their target audience

 Mad Men

  • Learned a great deal about advertising

  • Better insight into the origins of modern advertising
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MKT 3400 Creativity Exercise

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