A Pretty Girl was Born 

On April 4,2003 a African American female named Jasmyn   Marquisia Johnson was born.

What i think about myself

i think i am pretty,smart,confident,crazy,loud,energetic.

important ?

There´s more than one thing that is important to me but mainly its family and my number 1 is my mother.my mom because she does everything for me and doesn't complain.another thing that is important is myself,sport,food,and god. All these are important because without those i wouldn't be like i am today.

What has happened in my life that is important??

-when i made basketball team in 6th grade

-when my arm broke and it heeled 

-when i made basketball team for 7th grade

-My uncle/cousin died 

-when i turned 13

All the important ppl or things in my life

How will people know i was known

People will know i made a difference in life because maybe i will do something major or something small but will make a big impact. I haven't really decided yet but just wait on my come up.

The Story Of My Life 

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