Track & Field

country: Morocco

The year that it originate is 776 BC it originate in Greece. The sport got to Morocco in 1960's to complete the Olympics every summer since then.  

The rules are not allowed to impede other competitors, you start when a pistol is fired, your not allowed to use any drugs such as steroids. Track is played when a player is running for short or long period of time that involves hurdles and sprints. Field that involves jumping long or short distances throwing hammers,and disc. 

The high jump is a track and field event there is person that is jumping over a bar you get only 3 try's in different heights.

In track and field a game tends to last 10 mins but Olympics tend to last for 4 hours. 

scoring in track and is like this First place: 10 points

Second place: Eight points

Third place: Six points

Fifth place: Four points

Sixth place: Three points

Seventh place: Two points

Eighth place: One point

and that's how you score in track and field.

The field dimensions of play for track is big.

The tactics in track is get the other players to get out winded or get the fastest time. 

The penalties are like using steroids that can ban you for life and $100,000 fine or hit or pushing a player that's game over for that player.

The equipment that is used in are good pair of track shoes and outfit that represent the country that they  are playing for. 

There is 400 meter for track 500 meter run. A high jump a short jump long jump for field.

The sport change throughout the years, woman are allowed to play sports, you wear clothes you don't in the nude, there is a camera's that are used to see who won or not. 

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