APX Labs

Brian Ballard, CEO (around 36 year old)
 Jeff Jenkins, COO since 2011. CTO since august 2015 
Christ Hoyt, CFO

Employees : June 2015 : 40  April 2016 : 48 (Linkedin) 

Fundrasing : 28,61 M$ from 6 investors 

CNF Investments, LLC (serie B)

GE Ventures (serie A)

New Enterprise Associates (Serie A, Serie B lead)

Salesforce Ventures (Serie B)

SineWave Ventures (Serie B)

Work-Bench (Serie A) 

APX Labs


Boeing          Tesla          Exelon          Rio tinto          Jabil    Zoetis           Merck        Shell             Applied            Kpn


Baker Hughes        Johnson & Johnson     Materials    Steelcase               Westinghouse               Exxon mobil

Product name     Skylight 

Head Office         Herndon, VA USA Created in 2010

Vision                   1 in 5 workers in the world

"That’s how many people can benefit from smart glasses and the right software today."

"An opportunity that big takes a whole ecosystem. That’s why the world’s leading technology companies work with Skylight."


Pete Wassell  CEO and Founder

Head Office   New York USA Created in 2013

Employees    12 on linkedin   

Fundrasing : 2,8 M$ Sept 2014 (serie A)

8 Investors 

Draper Associates, UPS, SIEMENS, Simon venture group, Rothenberg ventures, Excell partners, camp one ventures, FP Angels.



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