Have many accounts on the web

Use personal and/or university computers

 Often do not remember their passwords 


Offer web services 

(Developed internally and externally)

Lack of visibility and accessibility of some services they offer to students

This problem is unsolved

There is no ease of use web based platform for students to access their university web

Our solution

A platform that facilitates accesses to all university services (schedule, intranet, job offers, e-learning, data bases...)

The rule: 1 e-mail = 1 e-profile 

University e-mail = Student e-profile

 Click on an icon 

and get logged in to the service

The best for your students


Time wasting passwords disappear

University services are easily accessible from anywhere

Create an extra layer of cyber security

Education 3.0

Students can add their own productivity and learning tools (Google Drive, Facebook, Open Classroom and any other..)

Their productivity increases

Students love it

In 8 weeks: +1200 students pre-registrations

=> IESEG +400

=> EDHEC +200

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