Niels Bohr and His Model of the Atom


Dominic Fundy and Ian Nelson

Niels Henrik David Bohr

Date of Birth:

October 7, 1885

Date of Death:

November 18, 1962


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen University


  • Gammelhorn Grammar School - 1903

  • Copenhagen University - 1904-1908
       -Masters Degree - 1909

       -Doctorate Degree - 1911

Bohr's Discoveries

  • Bohr's discoveries started in 1912 after working with Ernest Rutherford on his gold foil experiment. 
  • The gold foil experiment proved the existence of an atom's nucleus.

Bohr's Discoveries

  • Using this new found knowledge and the idea of Quantum Theory, Bohr created an accurate picture of an atom's structure.

Bohr's Discoveries

  • In 1936, Bohr discussed the movement and orbit of electrons around the nucleus and between the energy levels in an atom.

Bohr's Discoveries

  • Bohr stated that electrons move in set orbits (energy levels) around the nucleus, they can move into different energy levels by gaining or losing energy but cannot be in-between energy levels.

Bohr's Discoveries

  • This work in atomic structure led Bohr to a Nobel Prize in physics in 1922.

The Bohr Atom

Bohr's Impact

  • Bohr's discoveries impacted the world's understanding on the atom.
  • It allowed scientists to have a clear understanding of the exact composition and structure of atoms, and improved their understandings of the laws atoms are bound to.

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Niels Bohr

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