Have you ever recorded an idea?

Maybe by writing an idea down,

uploading to the internet,

taking a picture or video, 

or making something for class?

How did you show, or could you have shown, that your idea belonged to you and not to someone else?

How would you feel if someone pretended that your work was theirs?

What is Plagiarism?



Using some or all of somebody's work or idea, 

and saying that you created it.


Plagiarism includes:

*Copying and pasting text, images, video, or anything that someone else created without giving credit.

*Plagiarism is cheating, and it's against school rules.

*If you copy something into your own handwriting or retype it yourself, that is plagiarism.

Note: Copyright laws protect the ownership of authors’ written works, photos, drawings, videos, and other graphics by requiring that people who make copies do so only with the permission of the owner. However certain use of such works for schoolwork are considered “fair use” and do not require copyright permission, only that credit or a citation be given.


a way of showing that you admire and value something

One way they can show respect is to give credit when they use other people’s work. And one way to give credit is by providing a citation.


key information about a source used for a report or other research project, including its author, title, publisher, and date of publication

Citation Example:

Keady, Cameron. “One Small Step, One Great Man.” Time for Kids. Time Inc., 27 Aug. 2012. Web. 07 Sep. 2012. <>.

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