Country- Uganda

Sport- Marathon

 Marathon originated from a fabled run of Greek soldier Philippines Olympic 1896 and become standardized. It came to Uganda because of the land and it has a lot to offer.

The rules of the sport is training and find tricks you can. There's 13 rules you have to follow to train correctly mostly about working out. Some rules are how much you have to work out, get a good night of sleep, like 7.5 hours, and watch the foods you have to eat. Mostly how to better your body and running. 

The distance you can run 21k in Uganda! But all marathons are 26.2 miles

The scoring works is how long you run in the shortest amount of time as the possible.

The fielding dimension is depends where you're marathon course is.

For running a marathon you have to watch what you eat and train and do exercises to stay in shape.

Major penalties is if the marathon runners do not follow the course or wearing head sets or headphones or being unsportsmanlike.

For a marathon you need running shoes, workout gear, workout clothes.

There a whole bunch of different leagues that exist for running. There's track, cross country, long distance, short distance.

This video inspires you that you can be a really great runner if you believe in your self and push to be the best you can be instead of giving up.  


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