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Beach volleyball was first played in Hawaii in 1915, when the Outrigger Beach and Canoe Club set up a court on Waikiki Beach. 


match of beach volleyball is won by the team that wins 2 sets. In the case that the match comes to a 1 to 1 tie, the deciding set is played to 15 points, with a minimum 2 point lead with 2 teams of 2 players. 

The dimensions of the court are 16 by 8 meters, compared to 18 by 9 meters in the indoor game. A game of beach volleyball could go on for about 2 hours.The strategy of beach volleyball is passing in serve receive is to pass effectively enough so your partner can set you a good set.

A player is not allowed to hit the ball twice consecutively except when blocking. The rally continues until the ball touches the ground, goes "out", or a team fails to return it properly. In Beach Volleyball, only the serving team may score a point. When the receiving team wins a rally, it gains the right to serve.

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A major penalty in beach volleyball is verbal abuse from coaches or players or threats or acts of physical violence. The equipment you need for beach volleyball is a ball, knee pads, net, shoes, sun protection, and sunglasses. The types of leagues that exist in beach volleyball are national teams, professional volleyball, college volleyball, high school volleyball, and junior volleyball. The rules never changed.

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Beach volleyball in Portugal have one volleyball league and has had a volleyball team since 1946.

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