Can Gum Really Help Students In School?

I want you to envision this.

Have you ever been sitting in your seat at school and being anxious about the next test? Visualize constantly fidgeting due to anxiousness. Conceptualize working on homework and not remembering how to find out any of the questions. Imagine sitting in class, when suddenly you can't even pay attention to anything that is being said! Unfortunately, these things can affect students almost everyday, all the while hurting their learning experience. Gum can help with many things such as a cooling method, increased attention and concentration, and it can help memory.

Gum can help Calm and Reduce Anxiety

In the article Can Chewing Gum Really Help Students?, it mentioned that gum can help in a very appeasing way when it comes to school. “Children learn through their senses – and oral activity can be very calming,” said Cybulski. It is talking about how constant oral activity can be soothing in such a way that it is allowing children to learn better. In the same article, I saw that it can even help you with constant movement and squirming. “Less fidgeting during circle time” Is talking about how there was less jittering because they were already moving with their mouths. It also had phonated about how it can decrease anxiety. I got this from a quote that said “decreased anxiety”. This fact is vocalizing about how, referring to fact number one, it is calming, so it can help decline anxiety and nervousness. Also, gum can help with other mental things to.

Gum can even have mental affects on children

The article happened to have facts about increased attention. I got this fact from the quote “increased attention”. This fact is talking about how, referring to fact number one, it is calming so it can help decrease anxiety and nervousness. “The act of chewing gum also provides constant sensory input to the muscles in the jaw and ears and “we find it helps children to concentrate better.” If that “constant sensory” is there, then the feeling of tranquility and at-ease washes over you. The article also articulated that some people took a test. Some with gum, some without gum. “Recent research backs her up. Earlier this year, a study in the British Journal of Psychology found that participants who chewed gum maintained better concentration during the latter stages of a monotonous, 30-minute audio task.” The reason this worked is the calmness and constant movement can help concentration and the intent of being focused on one thing. Another mental effect gum has is a memory boost!

Gum Can Also Help With Memory

In another piece, 8 Ways To Improve Your Memory,it spoke about how gum can help you improve your memory. “people do better on short and long term memory tests when they chew gum throughout.” This is referring to how your attention and concentration levels increase due to the calmness that you are feeling. In the same article, it even included a fact about the heart and the brain! “chewing increases heart rate, which increases the oxygen supply to the brain.” With better oxygen supply to the brain, comes better attention, concentration, and memory. Last but not least, in Chewing Gum Improves Memory it discussed about a certain part of the brain that is helped with gum. “Japanese researchers showed that brain activity in the hippocampus, an area important for memory, increases while people chew” The increase in oxygen supply to the brain can contribute to that, helping your memory more so you can remember everything you learn efficiently. That is about how gum can help your memory in many ways.

What did you learn?

Although many schools allow gum, not all do. Now, when you are at school and you can’t focus or can’t remember a piece of information you need, just chew some gum and it helps, especially on tests in my opinion. Is gum allowed in your school? If so, chew a piece next time you take a test or listen to a lecture and I guarantee you will like the results. 

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