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Abdelrahman Moustafa

What will this be about:

We will be talking about 4 different presenters.I will be telling you about there pros and con. But if you need to know about the  presenters in detail, search them. Because we wont be talking about them!



1.You can split your slide in half or more....

2.You can add anything you want in the paper in your slide (video, picture, code, etc...)

3. Lastly, you can make your text XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


1. Aligning words are pretty hard.

2. When you write something, you cant take your mouse put it behind what you wrote!

3. Its hard to control it the first time. (different from other presenters)



1. You can add moving pictures.

2. You can make it look like its the starting of an old movie.

3. You can make your letters glow and pop out!


1. You can search images, but it won't show you what you searched!

2. There is a place to insert your image, you cant put it where ever you want.

3. You aren't allowed to change the background.



1. Its easy to use, especially when adding pictures!

2. The software's on Prezi are really good. 

3. Has a cool way of displaying the presentation, and has cool themes!


1. There is no text wrap

2. You can only write in circles and it might be hard to fit all of your words in the circle!

3. The order you do your presentation, wont be the same when you present it!



1. The soft ware is cloud based and is simple to use for the beta version!

2. Easy to use for the first time.

3. There are many characters and objects to use, some even move!


1. Since its cloud based, it can get blurry in long presentation!

2. Putting characters and objects can get hard!

3. Sometimes it will get glitches and take you out!

The end!!!

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Public - 5/15/16, 7:00 AM