The story of my life 

By: Lamar Williams

i was born

I was born in 2002 December, 14 i was a premium i was suppose to be born in 2003 January, 14 but i came out to be a healthy little small baby.

I almost drowned 

i was about six years old and i was going to a pool for the first time with no lifeguard and all my cousins told me to jump in and i didnt realize the kid pool and the other pool went from four feet too six and i jumped into six and this caused me to go below it scared me and then my cousin looked for me and heard the splashing that when he had came and grabbed me

i lost my grandmother on my mother side

i was out of town hunting when all of a sudden on my way to the camp i was told that my grandmother past away i knew that she was sick but for this to really be happening its very sad i really didn't think that it could be happening she died cause she didn't take all of her pills i think that this could be all resolved by having doctors make all the pills into one.  

i almost drowned again

When my brother was drowning i went into the water knowing that i didn't know how to swim i went under and i couldn't find my brother so when i noticed that i couldn't swim i just swam under water to the shallowest part i could get to

my brother died

Teen drowns in Texas City pond

Photo by T.J. Aulds/The Daily News | Posted: Monday, June 10, 2013 8:37 pm

Family and friends stand vigil along with a Texas City firefighter about 500 yards from a pond where Terrell Harris, 15, drowned Monday afternoon. The teen was among five boys who went to the isolated pond to go fishing.

I started getting bullied 

i started getting bullied cause i was the new kid and every body was cool with me and started leaving him cause they had stopped liking him cause he liked to push them around an do lots of bad stuff with them.

i played for the school for the first time 

i kind of liked it then i kind of didn't cause i was playing with people that i didn't even know i got mad cause they keep getting mad at me cause i didn't pass the ball to them and i liked it cause i got to play in the tournament and my old school was in that tournament it was fun to play them.

i flew on a airplane for the first time 

i went to corpus Christi for my brothers b-day cause he past away and we were gonna drive but she didn't want to deal with me and my youngest brother for five hours cause we don't get along he snitches way too much and i was scared on take off  cause we was on snap chat and it said two hundred and fifty miles on our way back i had to pee and i was hungry so it was a thunder storm so nobody could move not even flight attendance  

The end 

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Story of my life

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