Cuban Fencing

How many players are involved in the sport at a time during the game?

Two players are able to fence at a time.

Where did the sport originate and what year?

Fencing originated in Spain around 1464.

What type of equipment is used for the sort?

For fencing you need a jacket, knickers, a mask, the glove, underarm protector/plastron, Rigid breast protection(Women Required), Shoes+stockings, weapon(s) such as an epee, a foil, or a saber. Body cords may be required, and finally the lame and other glove. 

What is the length of the game?

Team match=4 minutes

Direct elimination bout=9 minutes max

Pools=4 minutes max per lap or bout

What are the major penalties/fouls of the sport?

1)Taking to much time to retrieve extra equipment.

2)Never grab a spare glove or cord that hasn't been stamped.

3)Leaving when you aren't supposed to.

4)Straightening your weapon on the strip.

5)Dragging your weapon on the strip.

6)Having faulty equipment.

What is the basic strategy (tactics) of the game?

Before a match you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically 

What types of leagues exist for the sport (professional, amateur, cup games, international competition, Olympic Games etc.)?

Olympic, Amateur Professional, and the World Cup.

How has the sport changed since its origination (from earlier years to now – changes in rules, field size, equipment etc.)?

Fencing has evolved from a deadly sport to friendly competition. The rules have also changed. Throwing a mask is now a black card. Coaches may also be by the strip during direct elimination matches. 

What is the field dimensions of play for the sport?

The fencing strip is 14 meters by 1.5 meters.

How is the sport played? – general rules of the sport

Fencers must solute each other and the official at the end of a bout.

Barging the opponent, blocking the target space with your hand or a foot fault will result in a penalty.

Points are scored by hitting your opponent. 

How does scoring occur during the game?

Hitting your opponent in the chest.

Fencing is a sport you must prepare mentally and physically for.


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