All About Albert:

  • Born on March 14th, 1879 in Ulm, Germany
  • Died on April 18th, 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey
  • Was married twice; Else Einstein and Mileva Maric
  • Three Children; Eduard, Lieserl, and Hans

*Fun Fact*

Albert Einstein had a significant love for music and played a strong role in the civil rights movement.

Introductory Video:

What is the meaning behind Einstein's equation?

Einsteins discovery was broken down into two categories:

1. Special Relativity-

  • States that the speed of light never changes as the Earth moves around the sun.
  • Meaning that in the equation E=mc2, “c“, the speed of light squared, is a constant: approximately 3.00×10 to the 8th m/s
  • In conclusion, all amounts of energy and mass in comparison are equivalent.

2. General Relativity-

  • States that acceleration alters the shape and time of space.
  • Example: the bending of light around a large object
  • Also states that space and time is affected even more by objects with very high gravity.

(This has led to major advancements in geometry, physics, astronomy, and cosmology along with chemistry)

Einstein's Experiment:

Did you know?

  • Einstein never actually performed an experiment on the equivalence of mass and energy it was all a thought experiment.

Inside the Brain of Einstein:

      Imagine this..

  • If you were to place a mirror directly above a flashlight, the light beams would reflect at the same exact speed in the same exact direction every time.
  • In this case, if you were to move the mirror and flashlight sideways at the same speed, the triangular path at which the light beams would travel would always stay the same.

So here's the mind blowing part..

  • When traveling at the speed of light, time is infinitely slowed down.
  • If you as a person were to travel at the speed of light for a long period of time and return to normal speed, you would have aged only a few minutes while others around you will have aged a few years.

Interesting Fact:

Einstein discovered all of this without even seeing an atom. In order to get a better understanding of this, Einstein observed pollen grains in a pool of water and realized that something smaller than the pollen itself was causing the grains to move.

Connection with Chemistry:

Nuclear Energy-

  • With Einstein discovering that energy and mass are directly related, new ideas on how to create useful energy were developed.
  • Using the mass and energy equivalence that Einstein created, nuclear scientists discovered that they were able to fire neutrons at the uranium atoms; subsequently splitting nuclei and releasing significant amounts of energy.
  • Knowing the mass of the atoms, we are able to use Einsteins equation to determine the amounts of energy lost.

Bringing it all together:

  • In conclusion, without the discovery of mass and energy equivalence by Albert Einstein, chemistry, along with nearly every other type of science would have never advanced the way they did.

  • Einsteins thought experiment is known as one of the most important experiments in the history of science and will be used for the rest of human existence.
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Einstein Research Project

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