Basketball in Lithuania

Basketball in Lithuania

By: Madison Klepfer

Basketball was brought to Lithuania in the early 1930's by Frank Lubin. To play the sport you need 10 players 5 on 5. You don't need anything but a basketball and two nets.

A basketball game usually lasts about 2-2.5 hours. With 4 quarters. 

The general rules of a basketball game is to run down the court and try to score and win the game. You will sometimes get a foul on you. Sometimes if you get a foul you have to take foul shots. Foul shots are one point each. Once you get to know the game of basketball it gets really simple.

In order to win the game you have to take shots on net and score.

The basketball court is 91.9 feet long. Basketball then to now has changed a lot. The court has gotten bigger and the rules have increased.

The basic strategy of basketball is team work. 

For fouls there are, personal fouls, blocking, offensive foul. There are many reasons you could get a foul. By pushing, holding, and illegal usage of arms and legs. 

The men's national basketball team been to the Olympic games seven times and won the bronze medal three times. They have been to the FIBA World Cup four times and won one bronze medal. They also have been to the FIBA EuroBasket fourteen times and won the gold three times, the silver three times and the bronze once.


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