BMS Library Advisory Committee

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Advise the school's library-media specialist of specific needs, issues, problems, and concerns related to the school's library.
  • Be familiar with Madison County School’s Library-Media Center Guide.
  • Suggest/recommend programs to the library-media specialist.
  • Identify strategies for facilitating collaboration between the classroom teachers and the library-media center professional staff to ensure integration of the library-media center’s resources and services into the school’s instructional program.
  • Conduct regular needs assessments to determine what additional resources (ex. books, audio/visual, computer software, furnishings) are needed in the library-media center.
  • Convene when library materials are challenged.

Library Media Center Guide, Madison County Schools, pg. 8.

Library Usage Stats

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Advisory Committee

by aelliott


Public - 11/30/16, 2:45 PM