History in Croquet in Egypt

Croquet originated in Ireland and in 1851. This sport is played by hitting the balls in to the hoops. The players that are aloud to play in the game are 2 to 4 players. 

Rules , Equitment to Playing Croquet

The field dimensions of play for croquet are , hoops, large balls, mallets, and wickets , also the equipment. The basic strategy (tactics) of the game is, by attacking, and how much bonus points you get.Croquet goes on for 20 minutes or even several hours depends on how much you would talk.  

Scoring in Croquet

The scoring in croquet is , you get a point every time you run a hoop , the balls must go in the hoop a special way.

History of Croquet

Leagues of Croquet

The leagues of croquet can be in Florida, Western, Midwest, Southeast, Mid Atlantic, International, their are some of the leagues for croquet.


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