Digitalization of Social Media

Digitalization of Social Media

-Death of Distance 

-Timeless Time



Death of Distance

 In the past, people would have to write letters and travel great distances to meet face to face. Now information can travel almost instantly through social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. People that are thousands of miles away from each other can now video chat in a matter of seconds. Distance no longer remains an obstacle for information exchange.

Timeless Time 

Most social media platforms allow both synchronous (real time) communication and asynchronous (ongoing) communication. Users can instantly send each other messages and they can also comment on each others posts and pictures from weeks or even years ago. There is even a Facebook feature now that allows users to look years in to the past at old posts and pictures. 


People can communicate in a variety of ways through social media:

1. One to One - Sending messages directly to specific individuals

 2. One to Many - Posting a picture for everyone else to see

3. Many to one - When advertisements tag other users on their posts

4. Many to Many - Many users commenting and interacting with each other


Due to digitilization, social media has become one of the main ways that people today communicate. People are constantly on their phones checking for things such as how many likes they have on Instagram or if anybody new has sent them a new message on Facebook. Social network apps are able to connect everyone in the world by the touch of a button. Not only can people communicate over great distances instantly; they can also communicate to large groups of people at the same time because social media apps work in poly-directionality.  There are several ways that communication is enhancing the speed and depth of online communication.

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Digitilization of Social Media

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