story of my life 

by :janelyann lugo 

who are you ?

full name : Janelyann Lugo Oyola 

birthday   : August 9th, 2003

race          : hispanic 

gender     : female 

age           : 12

what is important to me ? 

family : they are always helping you with things .

friends: they are always nice and they are cool to hang out with

 teachers: they help you become  smarter for your future 

what has happened in your life that is important .

i moved to an english: it was important because i dint know any english so i had to learn English while i was there . 

i moved schools and houses : i had to leave my friends and family .

my dad joined the army : i was sad because he was leaving but i was happy for him to be doing something good for the world 

what will i do ?

i think that when i grow up i will maybe go to the army i think that it will make an impact because i will be protecting the country from other terrorist or different people that are bad . i want to do this because i want to do something important for the world and follow my sisters and dads footsteps . 

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