The mass of jupiter

The mass of jupiter is 1.898x 10^27kg

Is 2.5 times more massive than all of the other planets in are solar system

Size of jupiter

Jupiter is 318 times as massiveas earth

Has a radius of 43,440.7mi and has a diameter of 88,846

How long it takes for jupiter to orbit the sun

It orbits around the sun ounce every 11.86 earth years or 4,330.6 earth days

Jupiter rotates on its axis once in slightly less than 10 hours

Jupiter's atmosphere is made up predominantly of hydrogen.

And 10% of the atmosphere is made of helium

Jupiters atmospheric pressure

Jupiter's atmospheric pressure is equal to 100kPa (1.0 bar)

Tempature of jupiter

The tempature is 234 degrees fahrenheit

(Minus 145 degrees celcius


Jupiter has 67 known moons

Jupiters biggest moon is europa, ganymede


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