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What is a habitat? 

A habitat is a place where plants and animals live? Where they get food water and shelter. 

Deserts are dry regions that only receive 10 inches of rain per year. Little life exists because of the lack of water. Most of the animals hide in burrows during the day and wait for the cooler desert nights. Because of this, most of the animals are considered nocturnal animals. Some of examples animals are Coyotes, Bobcats, and Kangaroo  Rat

The Arctic Tundra is a cold vast, treeless area of swampy plain. The Tundra is located in the Northern Hemisphere around the Arctic Oceans. There are various forms of plant and animal life. Some include but are not limited to Polar Bears, Caribou, Arctic Fox, bear berry, arctic moss and Caribou moss.

The Rainforest is the most biodiverse biome on the Earth. The different Rainforest of the world are located near the Equator. There are a variety of plant life and animal life living in the rainforest. Some examples are toucans, sloths, jaguars, orchids and  lianas.

Grasslands are very hot dry areas of lands located in various areas around the world. The grasslands are a perfect area for food growth. Animals located in the grasslands are cattle, zebra, lions and giraffes. Plants located in the grasslands are varieties of grasses which include Blue grama, Buffalo grass and Big Blue stem.

Oceans are considered to be the largest habitat in our world today. They cover 70 percent of our Earth. Oceans are considered to be made of salt water. The ocean houses various types of plant and animal life forms which include sharks, fish, kelp, coral and rays.

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