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Company Purpose

emeaution :

We want everyone to feel good, with no effort. 


People needs help to :

- Feel better : emeaution is detox and tonic

=> people usualy takes vitamins, magnesium pills, goes to the psy

- Lose weight : emeaution is appetite-suppressing and diuretic

=> people usualy takes expensive medical and chemical meals substitutes

- Drink at sport : emeaution is regenerating and cardio protect

=> people usualy drinks electrolytes waters full of preservatives and sugars 


emeaution's cucumber water is 100% organic with real cucumbers, lemon and lime, fresh mint leaves and ginger.

no sugars, no concentrates, no aromas, no preservatives.

A beverage with many assets : detox, hydrating, regenerating, cardio-protect, vitamined, appetite-suppressing, lose-weight-partner, and very refreshing.

Why now

An adult needs to drink 1,5 L/day : 

3/4 of the europeans don't drink enough

Lack of water leads to cancers, kidney problems, heart attacks

The more you drink, the more calories you burn without efforts


The beverage market is growin every year : 61L/year/pers. (BRSA study in FR)

65% in alcoholic beverage (11,2 billions €)

10% in mineral waters (1,7 billions €)

25% in non alcoholic beverage (4,3 billions €) 

Why now

People looks for active beverages : 

coconut water (+50% vs 2014), aloe vera (+50% every year) , detox smoothies (Innocent grows 100% every year), bouleau tree waters, mapple waters, açaï juices, ...

People choses more and more organic products in general

 (The global organic market : +14,7% in 2015 vs 2014 in France representing 4B€

the organic beverage market grew by 13% betw. 2014 and 2015)

They want to avoid 

pesticids (1000 events organised by SPAP in 2016), preservatives, MGO, chemical products, etc ...

People wants healthier life solutions for them and their families   

Market size

The type of people we can help the most :

- Women and men who need help to lose weight. 

(86% of women aren't happy with their weight ; Xerfi-Perfecta evaluates the market in France at 3.5 billions €)

- People needs to hydrate before, pending and after sport. 

(80% of women and 90% of men between 25 and 35 make sport)

- Vegans, organic products consumers.

(14,7% growth of the market between 2014 and 2015)

- Hype people, Bobos, Detox fans 

(pills, juices, food, and more)


TAM : 90% of adults - men and women + 50% of pre-adults 

SAM : Sport - Detox - Slim = 50% of men and 70% of women

SOM : People going to gym clubs (3,5 millions) + Detox fans (few millions) + People who wants to lose weight (over 10 millions) + Vegans (more and more everyday) 

Our Clients Year-to-Date

Area : Villeneuve La Garenne (92)

Since Oct. 1st, 2016

90% Women 

52% are on a cure

48% are occasional customers

Nb Bottles/pax average : 5,5 (min :1 - max : 16)

Average Price/Bottle : 2,80€ (from 2,50€ to 3,50€)

Operational Margin : 76,50% 


Waters (mineral, spring) : contrex, courmayeur, rosana, St Yorre

Detox bev : açai, smoothies, organic juices

Detox cures : bouleau waters, mapple water

Slim solutions : medics, weight-watchers, slim-fast, etc ...

Sports bev : isotonic, powerade, gatorade, etc ...

Competitive advantages



(aromas, juices, MGO, sugars, preservatives, concentrates)


(brewed with real fresh fruits)


(detox, hungry-stop, sport-companion, slim, peps)


(just water & fruits)

Brand's Values







Distrib Strategy


Short term :

4500 Sport Clubs 


Long term :

3000 Sport shops 

Sport websites


Short term :

Selected Restos & Delicatessen

Long term :

>3000 Bio shops

Bio websites

Garden Shops


Short term :


Product Line

We want to develop a large product line of Fresh Fruits Still & Sparkling Waters :

Fruits :

Blackberry - Watermelon - Pineapple - Grany Smith - Peach - Apricot - Strawberry - Raspberry - Grapefruit - Granada - Bloody Organge - Melon - Lemon - Lime - Cucumber - Cherry 

Plants :

Peppermint - Sureau - Orange Blossom - Rose - Rosemary Thyme - Ginger

Time Line


Jan-Mar : lab tests / technical solutions to produce

Type of bottle

Selection of ingredients

Q3 : Market distrib agreement

Q4 : 1st batch production


France development 

New product line in fresh fruits waters


Other markets development in France

International Development 

Product line

Business Model

Revenue model : price per bottle

Pricing : 3,50€ per bottle (1 L)

Operational Margin objective : 80%

Sales & Distrib : Sports clubs 

Organic shops / Website sales

Go To Market



50 Sport Clubs In the Main French Cities

100 Organic Shops

50 Restaurants and delicatessen

Target - Q4, 2017


Cédric - CEO and Sales Developement

Myriam - Co founder and Admin, Finance, 

Back Office, Supply Chain

Production & distribution partners



Cédric BAREME & Myriam CUBILIE

Tel : 07 82 33 87 49

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