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Having a rockstar CV

The interview

Negotiating your salary

Your CV : make it unique !

+1 page ? YES !

Remember people are lazy 


Storytelling : MARAS




Apports (learnings)


Tech skills : Be honest & remember there’s always someone better out there 

LaTeK is your friend

Talk about your passions/hobbies

Create interaction

Interview - Before

Read about the company, products & people (videos, talks, Linkedin profiles etc.)

Be sure to know what to expect : Tech or HR interview ?

Be ready to answer questions / know what you want to ask

Meet other companies before your dream one

Have your laptop ready to show code/projects

Interview - The Big Day

Take notes

Always show the positive side of facts, no matter what

Be salesy and pertinent

Adapt to the audience, catch signals

Ask questions

Listen and stay humble

Interview - After

Send a mail to thank the people you’ve met and restate your motivation

Know why it didn’t work out

If positive, react fast

Negociating your salary

Always talk in annual gross salary (package or not)

NEVER give a salary range

Think real : french fixed term start-up market

Know what you're worth and WHY (market, experience etc.)

Think « package » (BSPCE, bonuses etc.)

Stay open : think about your career before your salary

Headhunters are your friends

Janélia Duc


Lucas Noguès


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