- 500€/month for softwares (emailing, AB testing, website)

- 1000€/month for advertising (could be more if possible)

- 500€/month for servers

- 1000-1300€/month for rent (depending on number of employees)

- 600€/month for 1 intern (X3)

-1000€/month for 2 Freelancers (dev & designer)

- 3660€/month for 1 developper

- 2745€/month for a minimum wage employee 

Possible revenu models for Ease

-Freemium model for users. The 4th profile will be a premium option.

-Advertising through website and apps suggestions

-Consulting through market study generation

The freemium model

- 14% of internet users have 4 or more email adresses 

(survey #1 on 1000 faceboook users).

- 4% of interest users divide their web-life into 4 or more catégories.

- H1: we estimate that 10% of our users will pay the premium model.

- The price per month per user will be 4€.

-On average, a user will bring us 0.4€/m

The advertising model

- H2: Users have an average of 2 profiles

- There are always 3 suggestions of app/websites under 1 profile

- Time we show an add:

      • During a subscription (3 adds) (1 subscription/m)
      • During a modification (6 adds) (1 modification/m) (password at least)
      • On the platform (6 adds) (2 views/m)
- Total: 21 add views/user/m with a 2% clic rate

- 0.42 add clic/user/m


-500 for softwares

-1000 for advertising

-500 for servers

-1000 for rent

-1500 for food

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Revenue Model

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