Edition of the book in basque and spanish. 

Surf industry and sustainibility round table within Clean Waves Day. Playing with contradictions?? With VW just in...

Three Foot Charlie, fiction about Apocalipsis Now filming, One California Day, Tow in Surfing, local big wave craziness, radical rodents, Hot Buttered Sould with Terry Fitzgerald, 

Musica Surfica, Chile Oculto, Smiling Surfing and the beginning of many candid NGO´s connected to surfing, 

Exploration  of formats of representation... live music and films, etc... epic festival music with near riots when top pro surfers wanted to brake in because NO VIP policy and full house!!

Films: Norte Sul: Antonio Silva, Picaresque, dir. Mikey de Temple, The Present, dir. Thomas Campbell, Searching for Michael Peterson, dir. Jolyon Hoff ....


“The value of natural beauty and the enjoyment thereof in the long-term, against economic interests and development in the short-term; the utopia of an alternative vision of the future against the warped logic of modernity”.

These lines are part of the Gibus de Soultrait introduction (read the complete text) to

 Surf, Civilization and Barbarism, an exhibition curated by Surfilmfestibal, presented at the Okendo Kultur House. July / August 2015.


Photography: Taishi Hirokawa, Joe Curren

Jack McCoy, Patrick Trefz, Alan Van Gysen, Alfredo Escobar, Andy Hugues, Braulio, 

Bruno Garrudo, Iker Basterretxea

Javier Muñoz "PacoTwo", Joli, Jorge García, Lance, Ron Stoner, Marc Conca, , Rodrigo Farías.

Art:  ElohandPablo Ugartetxea

Cartoon: Arnie Wong, John Lamb 

Film: Kai Neville, Gabi García

Editorial: Gibus de Soultrait, Tony Butt, Josema Odriozola

Surfboard: Ryan Burch

Lemoniz. Basque Country ©Roke                                   Costa Nuclear NO NO NO 

                                                                                                ©Eduardo Chillida                                                                                                                                                    Chillida                                                  

Nuclear power:

The power plant of Lemoniz, in the basque country never was ignited. After Fukushima, we are aware risk is real. A new plant is going to be built 10 miles from J-Bay.

Man versus Nature

SuperBank (©Joli) is regulated by pumping sand artificially the from Tweed River, Gros beach in San Sebastian is an artificial urban beach, and Snowdonia is the future of surfing for some. 

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Surf Culture SAGRES

by sancho


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