Brief History

The franchise of Pokemon started in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri, began as a pair of handheld video game intended for the use by the original Game Boy. The franchise has now expanded onto other different platforms such as being on television, a card game, toys and even movies. Pokemon is the epitome of a 90s kid's childhood and it is continuing to grow, becoming a part of every child's childhood and will forever remain as a classic.

Death of Distance

The global scale of Pokemon GO's community is ever growing. It brings a community of strangers together and develops a new network of friendships. With the need of only a smartphone, Pokemon GO is easily accessible. With such an easy access, it allows the user to have global information from all over the world and turning it into a localized occurrence.

Media Richness

Pokemon Go is a combination of your GPS location tracking system, camera, and digital animation which allows the user a real-time digital reality experience. With the usage of both virtual and real-time reality, it is a revolutionary development of technological combinations. The combination of the 3 listed technology, the application is able to handle multiple cues as well as give immediate feedback to the user. 

Economies of Scale

The popularity of the game is not only just due to the fact of the brand name itself, its popularity amongst users is due to the fact that it is a free app. And like any other popular free app, there are possibilities to have potential in-game purchases. 

The development of Pokemon GO could have cost thousands, if not millions due to its multiple technological combinations but in the end, it came down to zero marginal cost since the app has already been created. 

From my perspective, I believe Pokemon GO has other characteristics of digitalization but I just feel like these are the 3 main characteristics that are most noticeable. Hopefully, as the reader, you have a grasp of what I am seeing and get a better understanding of how Pokemon GO and digitalization connect with one another. 

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Characteristics of Digitalization in Pokemon Go

by jamtam


Public - 7/14/16, 12:56 AM