Shakespearean Theatre

The Globe & other Playhouses

  • situated outside the city wall, south of the Thames
  • predominantly established by affluent businessmen on leased land


  • wide yard susceptible to the sky
  • ample stage protruding into the yard
  • "the heavens" = roof; administration of effects
  • wooden stakes constituted the truss of the construction
  • "tiring house"= fitting room
  • lords' rooms= depository for stage equipment & props

Building materials:

  • brick base
  • timber framed walls, filled with plaster
  • thatch or tile

Actors, Costumes & Staging

  • female characters predominantly portrayed by male actors
  • neglect of historically accurate costumes spawned by the use of anachronistic sartorial designs
  • often times secondhand items
  • little to no scenery

Prevalent Stage Items





bay trees, 



embellished head ornaments

The King's Men

  • formerly known as Lord Chamberlain's Men
  • founded in 1594
  • Repertoire principally consisted of  Shakespearean Works
  • Embroiled in the insurrection of the Earl of Essex in 1561
performed at:
  • prestigious indoor or private Playhouses & amphitheatres,
  • dilapidated inns 
  • The Theatre, in Shoreditch
  • The Curtain
  • The Globe
Company comprised:
  • 8 sharers
  • James Burbage = impresario 
  • cogent of boy players = apprentices to lead actors 

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