How will we get to Mars?

Getting to Mars 

Scientists are designing and making new capabilities for getting to farther places in space like Mars.  They're trying to make better technology that will get astronauts to places they need to go faster and a lot safer.

New capabilities 

Scientists are working on some of the most advanced designs and technologies ever on a spacecraft. These technologies  include the most powerful rocket ever worked on a spacecraft that will help expand human exploration.

Tests and using science

 Astronauts aboard the international space station are helping to prove

The dangers of going to Mars 

Even when astronauts are in low orbit they still have dramatic effects on their body. We know that the body breaks down in space. Unless scientist make even more breakthroughs on space affecting the body, going to Mars will be considerably dangerous. 

The time spent will traveling to Mars.

It is said that it takes 9 months to get to Mars. The time spent in the ship (that isn't very big) could seriously affect the astronauts health mentally. It is very important that the people being picked for a mission as important as going to Mars, to be mentally strong or else something bad might happen or they might not even get the results they are looking for.

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