Professional Learning Networks

An umbrella term for a variety of interpersonal connections and resources that can be used for informal sharing and learning.

Why do teachers build PLNs?

  • Social network
    • Teachers can connect with other teachers from around the world. 

  • More information and resources
    • Virtually unlimited resources through Web 2.0 and social networking (other teachers). 

  • Contribution
    • Teachers can contribute and support each others' ideas. 

Tools for PLN

  • Skype: can be used for social connection and to share ideas
  • Edmondo: similar to Facebook and Twitter, and is also a social networking site but safe to use in school
  • Wikis: an open and safe space best used for collaborations 

Are Learners' Expectations Changing?

According to OCED (2012), students' expectations for learning has not changed but they appreciate the benefits of using technological resources. They still expect traditional face-to-face interaction between a teacher and students but are willing to use technology to learn. They expect engagement and convince, and want to enhance productivity.

Copyright Laws

  • The Copyright Act was established in 1976 that protects original authors/creators and their works from being reused without their permission. 
  • The Copyright Act extends to all works, including unpublished work. 
  • Overall, visual works are protected. 

Fair Use

  • The right to use copyrighted material for social/cultural benefit without permission or payment.
  • Fair use is flexible but not always reliable. 
    • a material can be critiqued for what is "fair use"
  • Fair use concerns with how a material is used.

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